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Jim Slip Review

Reviewed: 2008-10-20
Quick site rank and complete review of Jim Slip | Categories: European, Reality

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silver rank
Our Rating: 85/100

Quality of Content: 24/25

Purchase Value: 16/20

Leased/Own Content: 15/15

Update Frequency: 7/10

Content Variety: 9/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 5/5

Originality: 8/10

Navigation: 1/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: yes

Streaming Video: yes

Downloadable Video: yes

User Rating For JimSlip

User Rating: 45/100 - based on 284 votes.

Price & Payment Options

30 Days


Standard price: €29.95 (30 days, recurring at €29.95 / 30 days)

30 Days


Standard price: $34.95 (30 days, non recurring)

90 Days


Standard price: $79.95 (90 days, non recurring)

Tour Promises

JimSlip.com promises a new adventure every week, good old-fashioned arse shagging and British floosies.

My Opinion About JimSlip

Update - Posted on October 20th, 2008 : No matter how many years pass or how old JimSlip gets, he's always up for the challenge of shagging any street ho that catches his fancy and this is great news for all those into reality and gonzo-style porn. The style of the weekly updated photos and movies is still as raw and the hardcore is just as nasty as ever, but not much has changed over this last year, except the amount of content. There are 222 videos and 204 sets of photos, which is certainly worthwhile considering the admission fee. Navigating the site is still very basic and it could stand for a lot of improvement, especially since a good number of videos and photo sets are divided into parts. Still, you get some fabulous hooker scenes and some good hardcore that'll turn you on and get you off.End of Update.

Original Review follows : These aren't exactly ladies on Jim Slip, but they're definitely tramps, and this reality-style site looks promising from the get go. The hook is that a middle-aged Jim Slip is on the prowl looking for street hoes throughout the UK. The site has apparently won a UK porn award and has also won a prize for the best gonzo productions, which isn't shabby, that's for sure. Of course, they never seem to say which year these prizes were won and so I'm left to my own judgement.

As a bonus, you get free access to SeventeenLive.com. However, free access doesn't necessarily mean you won't be reaching for your wallet if you want to go one-on-one private with any of these web chat babes. Aside from this, there's only the exclusive content, which fortunately updates weekly. New updates are listed on the members' page, but the menu is the best place to go to find all the content. There aren't any further navigational options, other than clicking videos or photos.

There are 160 sets of pictures. In an instant, this is surprising, but the archives reach all the way back to 2003, which appears to be when the site launched. I notice that Jim was a trick that Alicia Rhodes turned. These days, Rhodes is much better known for her porn escapades, but I guess back then she was still quite possibly considered an amateur. There are six pages, and I'd have enjoyed just being able to sip to page four or five, but you have to navigate from first to last to jump to any of the episodes in between. Anyhow, newer sets contain roughly 250 pictures.

At first, and based solely on the thumbnails, I thought these would be screen captures, but they're 1200x796 shots. While amateur, they were fairly sharp, although they're reality-style shots using whatever natural light seems to be available indoors or outdoors. There are fully clothed hoes, nudes, spanking, oral sex and fucking, but I felt that the sets could have been better edited. I wasn't keen on the inclusion of every single shot of the chicks or hardcore, especially since many were so similar that if not for a slight angle change, they might be the same photo. There isn't a zip file, and while you can look at the photos online, I felt they were a little large to view without having to scroll.

Movies are really the wild thing that breathes life into JimSlip.com. There are 159 films, and while Jim is usually the stud fucking all these hoes, there was one film featuring a guest and since that guest is Rob Jeremy, I figure this is just a really cool bonus for members. While most of the films are complete, I did notice that the newer ones are often split into two parts, and this could be due to a change in quality, or maybe Jim is just slipping because even the parts are split into smaller clips. In any case, I loved that Jim provides a description for each scene, and it reads like his own personal critique of these sluts.

A new film featured lesbians, but I really enjoyed the German barmaid uniform that a chick named Trinity was wearing, so went directly to her flick. The film begins with Jim telling us where he found her, and since she's an agency prostitute, he pulls out her résumé to give us some information before introducing her and talking to her a bit. The 2070Kbps 720x540 .wmv files are fantastic, and while each clip plays for maybe six minutes, a full episode is generally 30 minutes. There's definitely that gonzo-style we're promised and the hardcore doesn't miss a beat. I loved the films, even if the set-ups were a little on the cheesy side.

Final Verdict

These days, I wouldn't suggest that Jim Slip is a particularly original site, but then, the theme of picking up prostitutes can be found anywhere. However, the style with which Jim approaches each hoe and brings to each movie is exciting and in this way somewhat unique. You really can't beat the amount of content here, and the quality is simply fantastic. The hoes rang from gorgeous stripper types to downright nasty street pros, but all of them have a talent for cock-sucking and fucking and there's no question that reality aficionados will not only love the action, but get off on it. The problem I have is with the price. The membership deals in euros, and with the US dollar being so low right now, it's probably pricier than some wish to pay.

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User Comments

2010 Oct 21, 21:25, USA
WOW great vids I like to meet Masha on Jim's site, anyone know how to contact her ? She lives in Ukraine ? She been in other movies ?please post

2010 May 15, 08:54, philippines
1 like to eat your big cock and you fuck me hardly nd faster hmmmmmmmm.

2010 May 03, 15:05, U.K
I want to be one jim's girls i'd love for you to film me sucking your cock

2009 Dec 26, 06:42, rm1
I love your site. the sight of your cock drives me into orgasm. I'd suck it for you anyday.

2008 Nov 24, 07:27, uk
Hi Jim Slip here, thanks for all the great feedback from all of you, I'm in Budapest at the moment and believe me I've got some total babes coming up soon!

2008 Nov 24, 07:19, U.K
Thank you for all your kind comments. Jim and I will continue our escapades for as long as he has a pulse, and even then, if he dies with a hard-on, i'll keep on using him.

2008 Oct 13, 04:21, Canada
i came across one of your free clips WOW it was one of the best i've seen,,is there more like that somewhere???

2008 Oct 06, 22:27, turkey
jim is the king of sex.

2008 Sep 19, 21:44, hungary
it is good!!!!1

2008 Jul 03, 13:41, france
now one he have a big cocks like me

2008 Jun 08, 05:52, bah
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2008 Apr 28, 03:38, viet nam
he's strong man.I like that him very good.he have a good body

2008 Apr 19, 22:03, phillippines
hi i want to have sex with you, do you want?

2008 Feb 24, 08:31, 2638
sexy baby

2007 Sep 20, 19:40, USA
i like your site, but when i try to play sample trailer it doesn't work, get some kind of message w/something missing? other moviees work O.K.
what's prob.?

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